Pete ‘n’ Keely


Where; Tristan Bates Theatre

When; 2nd – 20th May

Info; The European Premiere of the off – Broadway musical hit ‘Pete ‘n’ Keely’! A string of hits; a cast of two. ‘Forever Plaid’ meets ‘I Do, I Do’.

It’s 1968. America’s Swingin’ Sweethearts, Pete Bartel and Keely Stevens, are performing live on national television! The only catch? They haven’t spoken to each other in five years.

Through a non-stop parade of song hits from the 50s and 60s – highlighted by elaborately staged flashbacks – Pete and Keely relive the roller coaster ride that got them where they are today… divorced!

History repeats itself, live and in living colour, as Pete and Keely head towards a conclusion that’s at once uproariously funny and surprisingly touching.

Pete ‘n’ Keely


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