artshead work with arts and cultural organisations across London and the UK, offering a wide range of bespoke marketing tools to develop new and existing audiences, cultivate organisational profiles and generate ticket sales. We are based in London and carry out the majority of work there and also work across the UK on projects that require bespoke audience targets.

We offer experienced advice and a knowledgeable approach to our range of marketing activities; specialising in personalised promotional campaigns, audience research and development. Working across multi-arts disciplines from classical music and contemporary dance to experimental theatre and the visual arts, artshead provide highly targeted marketing support in order to captivate potential audiences.

Flexibility is built into the core of what we do, so that artshead can adapt to accommodate the needs of our clients to include last minute bookings as well as helping you plan campaigns months in advance, working within budgets, timeframes and any size or shape print or public, to create the most effective buzz around the work we carry out. artshead recognises that feedback from campaigns forms a necessary part of evaluation that is vital to all marketing activity. A thorough feedback report is provided which includes detailed comments and responses from our promoters that enable marketing campaigns to be assessed both during and after their completion.

A strong part of our ethos is based upon the importance of face-to-face communication that generates exciting dialogues to engage the public. artshead is staffed only by those working within the arts, as we strongly believe that in order to promote arts events it’s important to be passionate about the arts. Our team members are selected with this in mind and are made up of a wide range of creative practitioners, from visual artists to musicians and actors who are knowledgeable and frequently attend the events they promote.

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