Southbank Centre – Stephen Hough Piano When: 24 March 2020   Where: Royal Festival Hall   Info: Stephen Hough’s recital explores the theme of death, an inexhaustible subject explored with exalted feeling by composers over the centuries. Bach’s Chaconne was supposedly written in memory of his first wife, while Busoni’s Berceuse acquired the subtitle ‘the man’s lullaby at his mother’s coffin’ […]

Stratford Circus – Vessel'que-fazer.html When: 20 – 27 March   Where: Stratford Circus   Info: How far would you go for a cause you believed in? How far is too far? Ireland 2018. Abortion is still illegal. When another pregnant woman dies Maia is forced in to action, challenging the law and demanding change. When she impregnates herself intentionally […]

Pleasance Theatre – Drip Drip Drip

Dibai When: 3rd – 21st March   Where: Pleasance Theatre   Info: “Alarm in bed nine, anyone?” Encountered on a ward round: Daniel, a refugee from Eritrea, now a trainee nurse; Rahmiya, a Muslim doctor; and David, an elderly white cancer patient. Just another dysfunctional NHS ‘family’. But drip by drip David’s far-right ideology seeps out, […]

The Coronet – Spring-Summer 2020

When: February to June 2020   Where: The Coronet Theatre   Info: We present to you the Spring/Summer 2020 programme at the Coronet Theatre. Over the next six months they are, as always, using this magnificent and versatile building to present work that expresses our passion for international and UK creativity across the artistic disciplines, […]