Barbican – Symphonic Gospel Spirit When: 1st March 2020  

Eṭ Ṭaiyiba  

liberdade em um namoro Where: Barbican Centre




André J Thomas conducts music for symphony orchestra and gospel choirs, including arrangements of spirituals and standards with a twist. The moving power of gospel music meets the dynamism of the London Symphony Orchestra, in a concert conducted and curated by André J Thomas. Dr Thomas, the legendary Professor of Choral Music Education at Florida State University, uses the combined clout of the London Symphony Orchestra and the massed voices of gospel choirs from across London to create a unique event for players and audience members alike. Exploring the African American musical tradition, Thomas presents the UK premiere of his Gospel Mass – A Celebration of Love and Joy, demonstrating the lasting impact of a music form born 400 years ago.

Barbican – Symphonic Gospel Spirit

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