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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing has been growing rapidly within the past few years and has now become one of the pioneering and most effective forms of promotions and marketing around. It is safe to say it’s now more important than ever to boost your relevant followers by being part of an effective and prolific online marketing strategy, especially when working within the arts.

At Artshead we offer bespoke packages that combine multiple online platforms with ultimate flexibility. Our services are tailor made for all budgets and time frames reaching the widest possible, but specifically targeted audiences. Artshead always work with a no fuss strategy, in a timely manner to keep your customers engaged as well as brining new users your way.

As is standard when you become an Artshead client we will always promote your events, concerts and performances through our online platforms; including our twitter, online blog and monthly newsletter. However, we also offer the opportunity to run and manage your digital campaigns for you- combining your own online resources with our existing promotional outlets. Our wide variety of services range from made-to-measure campaigns, tweets and posts from the classical to the quirky, from the formal to the funky and educational to the eye catching.

If you’re looking to increase your followers, gain new views, shares, likes and LOVES -we can manage all your social media platforms, as well as create specific digital campaigns for individual events, gigs and your company as a whole. From creating bespoke monthly newsletters to scheduled social media timetables, we offer a flexible opportunity for contracts of any size, with no fuss, no minimum contract and no minimum time limit. We aim to be as accessible as possible for Arts Promotion allowing us to successfully create a healthy online presence no matter the size of your concert or collaboration.

Here at Artshead we pride ourselves in helping you to achieve the best possible online presence at the most manageable timescales and affordable prices. Getting you those much needed retweets, likes and followers… So go on, why not boost your business?



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