Les Blancs @ National Theatre – Reviews

Powerfully staged, this thoughtful production of ‘Les Blancs’ at the National Theatre explores a painful and contested subject. The sharply written dialogue between characters brings to life ongoing debates on the impact and historicisation of colonialism. A strong cast and exceptional lead performance by Danny Sapani as Tshembe.

by Pippa Koszerek


‘Les Blancs’ performed at The National Theatre (Running until June 2016) opened a darker door to a civil uprising, banishing a racial hatred: reclaiming an independent truth. A hard hitting story. Relationships spiral in to entities outside of their own, reflected on the rotating set that cast a fine eye to notions that are recycled throughout the play. Ending in flames, one independent candle stands on its own, a gentle breath of hope. A mark of respect having this play performed in central London, once again Lorraine Hansberry pulls it out the bag.

by Elizabeth Sandford Richardson


‘Les Blancs’ is a powerful play in every sense. From the hugely moving performances to the enveloping soundscape it’s impossible to not feel profoundly affected. The director makes good use of the revolve and the technical capabilities of the Olivier without unnecessary spectacle. At 3 hours the play is long, but that time is not wasted or gratuitous. This is a complex story to tell and you’ll be glad you gave it your time.

by Matthew Radway

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