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Les Blancs @ National Theatre – Reviews

Powerfully staged, this thoughtful production of ‘Les Blancs’ at the National Theatre explores a painful and contested subject. The sharply written dialogue between characters brings to life ongoing debates on the impact and historicisation of colonialism. A strong cast and exceptional lead performance by Danny Sapani as Tshembe. by Pippa Koszerek   ‘Les Blancs’ performed […]

Around The World in 80 Days @ St James Theatre – Review

‘Around The World in 80 Days’ is a brilliantly performed family friendly play that gives a new and playful view to Philaeus Fogg’s journey across the globe. Accompanied by his devoted companion Passepartout, Inspector Fix, Mrs Aouda and many other amazing and memorable characters, it’s an adventurous piece that I can highly recommend everyone to […]

Evening at the Talk House @ National Theatre

Wallace Shawn, perhaps most famous for his performances in the Princess Bride and Toy Story, is also an incredibly prolific playwright. For over four decades, Shawn has moved with dexterity between the overtly absurdist to the bitingly political; with his latest offering feeling like a culmination of many of his previous works. We are first […]

Artshead at the Edinburgh Fringe

Four days at the world’s most vibrant, exciting, frenzied, wondrous, and charming conglomeration of creative souls you’ll ever witness – the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My first planned show was 15 minutes after my train pulled up, across the other side of town, I legged it over to Mark Thomas’s sold out performance of Trespass; full […]