Examples of print distribution and events promotion done well

We’d like to thank one of our all time favourite flyer distributors Ioana for working her socks off to make each individual arts promotion stand out. Her work ‘on the front’ is always full of energy, positivity and commitment. She is excellent at engaging people and finding the right target audience for each promotional campaign. Whether it be working to promote an event that directly relates to her specialised subject, Film, or whether it be any other type of promotion that we throw at her she is always enthusiastic, entertaining and knowledgeable of the clientele and the suited target audience. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed and our clients also greatly appreciate the intelligent feedback that she has provided for them on a weekly basis for the past couple of years.

i want to buy pregnizone without a prescription Hikone 22 August 2011 BFI What’s On – Garrick Theatre – Potted Potter, Ioana

“This was a very good shift in the heart of Leicester Square. The BFI What’s on campaign is one of my favorite promotions at the moment. There were a lot of passers by who showed interest in the films I was presenting. Target audience was abundant.”

Ben Hart is another promoters member who stands out; not only does he provide short and sweet feedback that’s never late 🙂 but he’s always up for taking shifts last minute and there’s been many a time when something’s come in on a Friday evening that can’t be missed and Ben’s jumped at the challenge and been happy to help. So thank you Ben and thanks to all our promoters for being the type of people that embrace the demands of the job focussing their efforts so that each promotional campaign is unique and memorable.


where to buy prednisone for dogs 08 August 2011 Barbican – Watch Me Move: The Animation Show The Scoop London – Free Theatre, Ben  “The audience was extremely enthusiastic about this event and I think the playful, vibrant design of the flyer helps it to stand out.”


As well as flyer distribution we also do shop drops, letter drops and poster drops. These drops spread the word early, developing a buzz around a promotion. They also allow our clients to target areas where potential audience members are abundant. Suzy is our drop diva. She always has a lovely smile on her face, she’s polite and friendly and I think she knows practically every suitable shop for print distribution in Greater London. Thanks Suzy! 08 July 2011 AMC Shop Drop – Soho/Charlotte St, Suzy 

“Soho is the perfect place to display flyers as so many businesses like to fill their stores with interesting events. The flyers themselves are small but also very clear with all information needed. I had no problem fitting them in even the smallest shops.”


Cherelle is another promoter who’s been working very hard for us. She’s also very patient with us when a print distribution is changed last minute and she will always responds promptly to calls or messages which makes our job a lot easier! Thanks Cherelle, it’s greatly appreciated.

Finally, I know that starting with us can be daunting – there’s a lot to think about and, whilst we always take on promoters that have some prior knowledge of our clientele and are interested in the arts, there’s a lot to get your head around. All our promoters not only work all over London developing a repartee with potential audiences but they also are requested to provide feedback for every shift, within 24hrs, so that each client can login and see how the campaign’s going at any given time. ALL our new promoters have jumped at the challenge, which is great. They’ve been efficient, positive and reliable. We particularly like the feedback we’ve been getting from Sam who seems to be enjoying his new role and making the most of it.

30 August 2011 British Museum – Hajj – Freyent Country Park, Sam  “The location was absolutely perfect for the event; everyone was very receptive to the flyers and the banner was also very well received. The event proved popular with all age ranges, especially with families due to the educational manner of the event.”                   

Thanks to you all for your continued efforts; for bringing something personal to the role and for getting that feedback to us on time! 🙂