The Coronet Theatre – Bells and Spells

When: 02 – 14 December 2019



Where: The Coronet Theatre




Bells and Spells follows Aurelia Thierrée’s peculiar journey as an incurable kleptomaniac who is at the mercy of the objects that she steals. Using ethereal imagery, unpredictable props and enchanting dance, this performance blends the wonderful with the strange. Improbable mechanisms, strange encounters, crazy music boxes and a thousand other surprises in a continuous and unpredictable play. Aurélia opens the doors of her imagination, veined with restlessness and poetry. Dancer Jaime Martinez finds himself manipulated and influenced by the objects he steals.  A coat hanger starts to walk. Seats and a table slide, while a wall opens up to give rise to a pair of dancers. All sorts of mirages make you smile and dream.

The Coronet Theatre – Bells and Spells

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