Stratford Circus – Vessel


When: 20 – 27 March


Where: Stratford Circus



How far would you go for a cause you believed in? How far is too far?

Ireland 2018. Abortion is still illegal. When another pregnant woman dies Maia is forced in to action, challenging the law and demanding change. When she impregnates herself intentionally and her crusade becomes increasingly personal, she meets a journalist keen to publicise her campaign. As they get closer, hear a story that could divide a nation, win or lose a vote and make history. Inspired by Ireland’s recent referendum, this multi award-nominated, five star play by Irish writer and performer Laura Wyatt O’Keeffe tackles issues surrounding women’s bodies, the legacies we inherit and the boundaries of individual choice. Laura makes theatre, poetry and chaos about women, labels and rebels. Laura has written and performed in wish i was… (Smock Alley Dublin) and Vesta (Brighton Fringe Award Nominee 2013). Laura has also written After Medea (Malta), Jean, Where Memories Live (National Theatre Malta) and Every Body. Event link available below.

 Stratford Circus – Vessel event link

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