Stratford circus – Big up!


When: 22nd and 23rd March


Where: Stratford Circus Arts Centre



No matter whether you are big or small, the world is full of rules. Sometimes we make our own rules, sometimes we don’t know the rules and sometimes we want to play by different rules.

What happens when a beatboxer, a singer and a puppeteer arrive on stage but nothing is ready for them? No set, no instruments, no puppets. No rules.

Watch as they create a world full of joy and chaos, where objects come to life and everything is possible.

After the success of The Broke N Beat Collective, the award-winning Theatre-Rites and 20 Stories High join forces again, this time to create Big Up! – perfect for little people who want to be big, and big people who just might have forgotten how to play.

Stratford circus – Big up!

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