Straford Circus – Becoming


When: Wed 6th – sat 9th March


Where: Stratford Circus Arts Centre



“I am forever becoming. Growing from strength to strength, learning, changing, daily unfolding…”

Ayo-Dele was born in London, and moved to Nigeria when she was 4, living with various members of the extended family. When she was 10 she moved back to London and started school. She was made fun of for having a different name. “Ayo-Dele means joy has come home” her mum said.

The events that take place in our lives, shape us into who we become.

Becoming is a musical drama that combines storytelling and original songs to bring to life Ayo-Dele Edwards‘ story of growing up across two continents. Inhabiting the different characters who have influenced her life, she explores identity, love, fear, family relationships and migration. The songs featured in the performance are from her debut album Forever Becoming.

Stratford Circus – Becoming

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