South Bank Centre – Shape Shifters In depth

When: 3rd November

Where: Royal Festival Hall


Delve deeper into our major thematic exhibition Space Shifters and hear from experts on its context and curation in a half-day of in-depth exploration.

The event offers exclusive early-morning access to Hayward Gallery before it opens to the general public, with a guided tour of the exhibition starting at 9.30am. A Hayward Gallery technician will introduce key themes and reveal the contexts of these disorienting and luminous works, and give exclusive insights into the physical installation and management of the exhibition.

Bringing together sculptures and installations from the past 50 years that explore perception and space, the exhibition presents artworks that share a quality linked to their dynamic optical effects, appearing to shift and change as the viewer moves around them. Space Shifters explores the myriad ways that we perceive ourselves and the surrounding space.

South Bank Centre – Shape Shifters In depth

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