Rose Theatre Kingston – Hansel & Gretel

When: Thu 6 Dec – Sun 6 Jan

Where: Rose Theatre Kingston

Info: Life is good in the little town of Freiburg. Somehow it has escaped the Great Famine laying blight to its neighbours. It has the highest of walls, the most bountiful of harvests and holds the biggest of parties. And everyone loves the town’s mayor.

When young Hansel and Gretel are offered a trip to the city, with promises of a brighter future, little do they know of what awaits them in the forest… or realise how the sweet old lady at the gingerbread house might control their fate.

Battling magical beasts, enlisting a crew of fairy tale bandits and learning the secrets of their past, Hansel and Gretel must race to save their town from the Witch’s Curse. And all in time for Christmas!

Rose Theatre Kingston – Hansel & Gretel

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