Kuli- Kala At Stratford Circus

Kuli Kala is a play to see with an open mind and open arms. 30-Delux, a very tight-knit Japanese theatre group, produced a minimalistic performance, utilising animation and the intimate confines of Stratford Circus to deliver a very personal performance. With enthusiastic narration and strong choreography, 30-Delux have proven that you even small budgets and minimal design interesting and captivating productions can be staged.

by Jake Davis

A performance like nothing I have ever seen on stage before. This action packed musical thriller quite literally leapt from the stage and had its audience cheering for more. The stand out element of this performance for me has to be the costumes, the beauty and elegance they thrust onto the actors with every fast-paced movement was both striking and mesmerizing at the same time. Closely followed in their impressiveness by the expert choreography of the show, as each perfectly timed sequence unfolded, the cast were effortlessly poised for the next move, narrowly avoiding the blades of the samurai swords swishing in front of them. Ultimately this ‘anime-style’ musical is a victorious story of goods ability to always triumph evil, which left me exiting Stratford Circus with a huge smile on my face… what more could you ask for!

by Lizy Bending


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