*Jan & Feb Photo of the month*

Greetings all! From now on we’ll be posting our monthly photos of the month on our blog. Unfortunately, in this instance, we are covering two months in one because we forgot to post out last months! Eek!

So runners up are as follows…

In 3rd place we have Andrea…

This pic isn’t massively clear but it’s fun and imaginative so thanks for that Andrea.

Andย  in 2rd place we have Daria…

Nice smile, it’s clear where you are and we can see what your promoting so overall it’s a good composition & nice pic.

And finally in 1st place we have …
Posse *JONNY*

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Great pic Jonny on all accounts!

Well done one and all for all your hard work over the past couple of months!

Charlottenburg-Nord Chocs for runners up & wine for Jonny when you’re next in the office. ๐Ÿ™‚

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