An evening with an Immigrant; Inua Ellams


I don’t quite know where to begin when reflecting upon An evening with an Immigrant… I couldn’t help but leave the theatre, feeling a strange mix of impassioned, inspired and yet utterly gutted. The tenacity and high spirits that Ellams captures and conveys throughout his works, are both impressive and yet harrowing. He tells his tails and true life stories through an amalgamation of anecdotes and good humour, whilst including an intoxicating and often graphic mix of vivid poetry.

Ultimately, I am exceedingly happy that I had the opportunity to see this show and blown away by the thoughts Ellams shares with his audience. However, all the while I can’t help but reflect a little upon myself and how lucky and I, and most importantly, how frequently I take that for granted. I am moved by Ellams witty literary skills… Yet what will stay with me, and what I am most grateful for, is the things Ellams has taught me, and in many ways opened my eyes to… What I have since learned about Humans rights and what life is really like for those immigrating to England’s shores, I feel will always stay with me now.

The battle for secretary and a home for vulnerable people is so real and so prolific, I just hope it isn’t too late.


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