Ada Lovelace: Imagining the Analytical Engine

When: 2nd November 2019



Where: Barbican Centre




An uncompromising musical tribute to a woman who united the worlds of 19th-century romanticism and cutting-edge science – Ada Lovelace: thinker, computer pioneer and enchantress of numbers. In an unsympathetic age, Ada Lovelace explored far-reaching mathematical concepts and worked with Charles Babbage on his revolutionary Difference Engine, writing what is now recognised to be the world’s first computer programme. This afternoon-long event combines words and music to offer a post-millennial perspective on her legacy and achievement. It’s devised by Emily Howard – whose own music explores the frontiers of scientific thought. As part of the Barbican’s year-long Life Rewired season, Britten Sinfonia perform specially commissioned, scientifically inspired music by Howard and her contemporaries plus music created by artificial intelligence written in tribute to Lovelace.


Ada Lovelace: Imagining the Analytical Engine

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