Hand to hand marketing


We currently carry out hundreds of hand to hand marketing campaigns, across the whole stretch of Greater London and beyond, every month and we have a good knowledge of the key hotspots and events to target in order to truly make a difference when it comes to getting bums on seats. We research what will work best for you, how best to target the right people and we make sure that our hand to hand marketing has covered all relevant areas so that we can reach the widest possible scope of people.

We provide a hand to hand marketing service with a difference. All our promoters are working and/or interested in the arts; they are all friendly, cultured and experienced in this field. This really helps when it comes to engaging your audiences as establishing a report with the public, where a conversation will be remembered, allows you to reach out better to your audiences and to make a bigger, more lasting impact.

You may just be looking for a couple of hours of hand to hand marketing, bringing in the last 100 audience members for an opening night for instance, or you may want to promote an event over a season which may involve you choosing the option of additional Shop Drops, Letter Drops and/or Poster Drops to accompany the hand to hand distribution. These Drops allow for further opportunity to engage people and work well if the event in question is a festival or a lengthy exhibition, for instance.

We provide hand to hand marketing for a range of different events; we can help to promote the work that you do whether it be art, film, music, theatre, dance or photography related. Equally some of our clients require hand to hand marketing to promote services that aren’t art related and here we’re happy to adapt our strategies to suit individual needs. No matter the size or the specification we’ll find the venues and hotspots that are sure to attract your target audience! We can distribute flyers, brochures, posters, badges, balloons, t-shirts …anything really!

Another plus is that we provide high levels of feedback for our hand to hand marketing services. For each campaign our clients can login and see how their promotion is progressing during and following distribution. We analyse the response from the public quantatively and qualitively and you’ll be able to read personal comments from our promoters and see pictures of them in action! This is something that few distributors provide and we feel this forward-thinking, personalised approach really separates us from others out there and it really helps you as a client when it comes to shaping future campaigns.

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