Google Ads

Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet today. We will create a Google campaign to ensure that, by using the correct ‘KEYWORDS’, your event is displayed as a top result.

Santa Helena de Goiás What is a keyword?

– It’s the word that is typed into the Google search bar to describe what you are looking for.
– You can use any word(s) and you don’t have a limit of words for your campaign
– You can also use your competitors as keywords to target more people to your page.
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– To find new customers
– To help promote specific events, concerts, performances
– To product launch
– To support a campaign
– For long term ads

optimistically Where do I start?

1) Let us know about your event/business/product
2) Define when you want your ad and your budget
3) Where do you want to carry out the promotion (e.g London)
4) Choose the schedule for your promotion (- days & hours)

How can I assess the success of the campaign?

We will keep you regularly updated with the following information:
– Number of PRINTS of your advert (how many times someone uses one of the Keywords)
– Number of CLICKS on your advert (how many times people CHOOSE to go to your Page)
– Click – Through – Rate (normally 1%)
– Total cost (how much you spend)

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