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We are arts marketing London experts. We specialise in finding, understanding and securing audiences for our clients. Our approach is personal and specialised and all our promoters are highly experience in arts marketing and audience analysis.

We have promoted some of the most exciting cultural events in the UK and we’ve helped to develop the arts marketing London strategies for some of London’s greatest events & cultural organisations. We are based in central London, between Kings Cross and Farringdon and many of our clients, such as the National Theatre and the Barbican, require arts marketing that is highly specified for particular audiences. We have a good knowledge of the key areas to target having promoted in many exciting venues and hotspots. We design arts marketing London campaigns that can be specific to local areas in London and, likewise, we have experience modelling arts marketing campaigns that cover the whole area of the UK. We can tell you where you’ll find your audiences and when it’s best to target them.

You may be looking to target a specific area, perhaps near your venue in order to bring in locals and to create a relationship with local audiences for future projects. In this case we design arts marketing London campaigns that allow you to distribute your print in local shops, markets and hotspots and we target events within this area that are likely to attract the type of people that you are looking for.

On the other hand you may want to target a specific audience, for instanced tourists, students or classical music lovers all of whom need to be visiting or living in London but not residing in a specific place. We have mounds of experience with this approach too and we have found that this too can prove very effective.

As well as distributing print our arts marketing London work in the past has also involved providing promoters in house for audience studies and in house events promotion.  For the promotion of an event on-site, over the space of a day for instance, we can provide promoters that are trained, friendly and experienced. Our promoters are very proactive, attentive and enthusiastic in their approach and they know how to talk personally and articulately with your audiences and potential audience.

Another plus is that we provide high levels of feedback. For each campaign our clients can login and see how their promotion is progressing during and following the completion of a campaign. We analyse the response from the public quantatively and qualitively and you’ll be able to read personal comments from our promoters and see pictures of them in action! This is something that few art marketing London specialists provide and we feel this forward-thinking, personalised approach really separates us from others out there and it really helps you as a client when it comes to shaping future arts marketing campaigns.

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