Stratford Circus- The Hunters Grimm

When: 30th May – 1st June


Where: Stratford Circus Arts Centre



Dare you hunt out a life-saving story?

The famous Brothers Grimm need your help. They need stories, more stories than they can gather themselves. You must search the dark streets of Stratford for new tales, where you may come across an anarchic frog, comfort a desperate prince, dance with the musicians of Bremen and participate in an adventure to cure nightmares. Along the way you’ll hear stories of love, death, poverty, longing and sausages.

The Hunters Grimm is a walkabout play by Teatro Vivo inspired by the tales of the Brothers Grimm – for the brave and curious only!

All hunters are requested to wear a stout pair of boots and clothes suited to the climate for who knows where these stories will take us…

This performance is for all ages, but we encourage children and young people to come along to the family friendly Saturday matinee.

Stratford Circus- The Hunters Grimm

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