Philharmonia Orchestra – Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis(Screening: Metropolis, With Live Orchestra)


when: 13th June 2019


Where: Royal Festival Hall



Watch Fritz Lang’s sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis accompanied live by Gottfried Huppertz’s score.

Composer Huppertz and film director Lang were frequent partners in the creation of German cinema of the Weimar period.

Their most famous collaboration was on Lang’s 1927 tour de force of epic expressionist science-fiction storytelling.

Set in a city of the future (in 2026), Metropolis is lauded for its imaginative flair in depicting a nightmarish mechanized-industrial future.

Its warning about society, equality and the nature of the city itself reflect the instability and concerns of the Weimar age.

For this live screening of Metropolis, Frank Strobel conducts his own arrangement of Huppertz’s original score for the film.

Huppertz’s music draws principally from Wagner and Richard Strauss, with flashes of modernism to represent the film’s futuristic urban dystopia.

Philharmonia Orchestra – Weimar Berlin: Bittersweet Metropolis(With Live Orchestra)


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