Paines Plough Pop Up Roundabout theatre – Lungs @ Southbank Centre


Lungs is an exhilarating dialogue between two lovers who question the ethical and environmental consequences of bringing a newborn into a world that is quickly accelerating towards ecological meltdown.

It is both tormenting and tender, candid and savvy, and very much on the pulse of this generation’s dilemma of wanting to ensure the survival of a planet already at carrying capacity without denying themselves the joy of parenthood.

By Jenny Draxlbauer

I didn’t really know what to expect when I went to see Lungs by Duncan Macmillan. Was it a play concerning environmental issues? A play about a couple’s relationship and the possibility of having a child?
In the end it was both; an extremely well-written piece, performed by only two actors in a completely stark space. I say it was a play, but it was mostly an intense duologue between the two characters, sometimes hilarious in its candid humour and other times heart-wrenching as they explored everything from the environmental, physical, ethical and philosophical issues of bringing a baby into the world. The play definitely relied on the fast paced dialogue, as well as the passion of the two actors, and was always poignant, without being tacky. It was an incredibly honest piece of theatre that I would highly recommend seeing.

By Gwendoline Grynfeld 


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